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5 Healthy Morning Hacks

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Hi Tribe!
Here are some great tips for creating a stellar morning routine. This has worked wonders for my energy and wakefulness.
If it can work for me, it can work for anyone.

Morning exhaustion has been the biggest frustration for me in the past. Once I began, I immediately started feeling better, and I mean immediately. That was the day I noticed the spring back in my step.

A pot of coffee by noon is no longer my regular routine.
After my daughter was born, I really struggled to get my energy back.
Lack of sleep, a colicky baby and my mother’s “worry” gene, made it tough on me.
I like to say that having a baby at 44 isn’t for sissies, no seriously, it isn’t. There was excuse after excuse for why I let it go on for so long, but no more excuses. I found a routine I love, and it feels great.
Don’t get me wrong, I still drink coffee every day, but not like I used to. I just do not need it any longer.

This plan is a suggestion for those of you who want to feel more energized. It will make it much easier to crush your day with a renewed sense of purpose. Building a solid morning routine helps us stay on track with our personal goals, it sets us up for success in productivity, and makes us feel better about ourselves, who can’t use that? If you find this plan doesn’t quite work for you, adjust it, tweak it, and make your own. Bring your personality and fun into it and build your day with the essentials that make you feel great. You won’t regret it.

This is what works for me:
Step 1. Celery Juice
The new Medical Medium Celery Juice book by Anthony William https://amzn.to/2ILxd0aclaims that celery juice has the potential to heal all sorts of body ailments.
I’m usually a little skeptical of such grand claims, but it also stated that it could help with digestive issues and let me tell you I have had my fair share.
I was willing to try anything to dampen the fire.
Celery juice taken without anything else on an empty stomach is one of the best remedies I have found.
I feel great.
The taste is good, I haven’t found it unpleasant at all. I would like to put mine on ice, but it is suggested that it not be mixed anything. The benefit comes from drinking it straight.
I have only been using it for about a month, but my skin has cleared up, I feel so much lighter and more focused, and my stomach doesn’t bother anymore.
A big win for me!

Step 2. Move
The more you move, the more energy you’ll have.
You don’t have to get fancy here.
A treadmill, walk outside, a yoga mat, jumping jacks, re-bounder, grab anything that will get your heart rate up and keep it there for 20 minutes.
I started with walking, but I love my re-bounder as well.
My energy level goes up about 100% after I exercise. It’s the secret of not being tired.

My motto is:
“If you truly believe you are tired, walk for just 20 minutes more, and if you are exhausted, you can rest after your walk.”

Step 3. Meditate (prayer counts)
You just moved and stirred up all that stagnant energy, now it’s time to let it go.
There are many studies on the benefits of meditation, and if you practice, you understand how powerful it can be.
The key is to start small. You don’t have to force yourself to stay still for 30 minutes to get the benefits (I do love longer sessions, but those are rare luxuries for me).
Here is a little help to get started.
Sit quietly with your feet on the ground and a straight spine.
Place your hands with palms up on your lap.
Breathe in 4 times, long and slow.
Take a deep breath in through your nose.
Really try to get the air all the way down into your reproductive organs.
Count while you breathe in for 4 counts.
Hold your breath for 4 seconds. Let the air circulate inside your body. I like to envision the air turning bright white, sometimes yellow or, beautiful green, depending on my mood.
Release through your mouth for 4 seconds.
Do 4 repetitions in a row without taking extra breaths between.
When you are done with the breath work, sit quietly, close your eyes and concentrate on all the things you are grateful for. Sit for 2 or 3 minutes, then slowly open your eyes.
There are all kinds of ways to meditate.
I think of gratefulness and mindfulness as active mediation, meaning by being present and intentional about love, grace, kindness, we are actively meditating throughout the day.
Keep practicing, that’s where the sweet spot is.

Step 4. Plan your day
Just 20 minutes to be present with what you have to accomplish for that day.
This daily practice takes just a few minutes to finish and it helps to reduce much stress.
Take out your journal, notebook, or a favorite binder and think about these topics.
I love using my High-Performance Planner https://amzn.to/2DqVG7z from Brenden Burchard for this exercise.
It doesn’t have to be fancy; however, make it something you want to visit once a day.

  1. Write down what you are grateful for. I know we just thought about it. It’s a good practice to write it down as well.
  2. Write down your daily obligations. Work related things you have to get done, Home errands or chores that must be attended too. Family obligations. Get it all down in one spot.
  3. Write down things that require more planning. Stuff that has come to your mind that is someday maybe ideas.
  4. Make a note of all the people you need to connect with that have unfinished business to clear up. Perhaps you have to answer their requests for information, or they need to respond to you to complete a task or move forward on a project. This has been so helpful for me to make sure everything continues to get completed in a timely fashion.
    Personalize your notebook or journal any way you want. Have fun, be creative, and enjoy the benefits of being organized.

Step 5. Make Breakfast Easy
There are times when it’s fun to go all out and cook a huge breakfast for my daughter.
We love making a big deal about breakfast on the weekends, and it is usually brunch by the time we finish.
But during the week with work and school my time is crunched. Breakfast has to be quick and easy.
For me, I love to make a Protein Shake. My daughter loves them too, but I vary her morning food more than I do mine.
I have found the perfect protein shake for me; one that I know I can put my full trust in.
The ingredients meet all our needs for nutrition and clean eating, such as plant-based, gluten-free and so very delicious!
Here is the link to access all the products that this incredible company has to offer.

chocolate and the vanilla. They both taste amazing!
I admire this company so much, and Vani Hari is my hero.
Vani has done so much good for us here in the USA, while she has been standing up for cleaner and more transparent labeling and demanding that food companies answer to the practices of using potentially harmful ingredients in our food.
She has been advocating for us with the fast food companies, and substantial food corporations that continue to put harmful chemicals in our foods that they know are dangerous.
If ever there was a company I can get behind and support, this is the one.

That’s it for my morning routine.
I hope you find this helpful and are encouraged to start your own.
Change is always a process, but the benefits of taking care of yourself first thing in the morning are life-changing.
Peace and Joy to you,

*I am an affiliate for the companies listed in this article; therefore I make a small commission on the sale of these products.

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