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Reality Strikes

This afternoon I took a quiz.
I came across the link for it when I was looking at a recent post by one of my favorite writer/bloggers.
The quiz was in conjunction with a book I ordered that is due out soon, “Do it Scared” by Ruth Soukup. https://amzn.to/2VbFKRv I adore the author’s writing style and no-nonsense approach to life.
So here I was, a beautiful Friday afternoon, winding down for the weekend. “Let’s just see what this is about.”
There were about 13 pages of relatively easy answers.
“Somewhat agree.”
You get the picture.
As I offered my email for the results, I was under the assumption I would get some cheesy response back telling me that indeed I had a few fears, which is ultimately what the quiz was about.
Nothing could have prepared me for the reality that slapped me right out of my comfort zone.
Just like that, the truth landed in my lap.
No time for me to prepare, no big therapy session or nervous breakdown as a precursor.
Let me tell you about fear!
All of a sudden I am seeing words like OUTCAST and PROCRASTINATION and RULE FOLLOWER! Wait, what? A rule follower, “ME”?
I read the report, though not easy to see through glaring honesty and truth. It was all right there in front of me.
What could I do now?
I can’t hide them and put them back into the internet where they came from. Damn.
So I unpacked and looked at them, one at a time.

1. The Fear of Being an Outcast.

Yes, that’s me.
It is true that the thing I am most afraid of is rejection!
Through the tough exterior and the independent, self-starter BS I am terrified that people won’t like and accept me. The explanation she gave, said that this comes from someone who was wounded many times over.
I’ve committed to myself I will do the work it takes to become whole in this area. Who wants to be afraid of people? Not fun!
Trusting others can be be easy, with Ruth’s inspiring techniques to help.

2. Procrastination

Did you know that procrastination is a form of perfectionism? This got me in the gut. I am terrified to make a mistake.
As I write this my inner voice is screaming, “you can’t put this out there, what if you write it wrong, or you mess up?”
Guess what the homework is?
Yep, I am doing it anyway.

3. Rule Follower

I am definitely a rule follower at work. But all the time?

I mean, I got a speeding ticket once! My results stated I had an irrational fear of authority figures, I laughed. As a daughter of a police officer, I’m reasonably sure that’s pretty normal.
Don’t fret for me. There were also some solid positive aspects to these fears.
I carry intrinsic motivation and personal responsibility.

Very little holds me back from achieving my goals.

When my trust issues are in check, I am a very successful leader, and I am on the leading edge with bold ideas and great innovation!
All in all, one of the most important days I have had.
Thank you Ruth!
If you are interested in purchasing the book or taking the quiz here is the link. https://amzn.to/2VbFKRv
But please friends, be prepared!

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